Coffee Might Help You To Live Longer

Recently, a study conducted with over 200,000 men and women revealed that regular consumption of coffee is somehow associated with lower mortality risk.

For conducting the above mentioned study properly, the 200,000 people were mined from 3 clinical trials including nurses, doctors and various other health professionals. At first, the health records of those individuals were thoroughly examined. The participants were given food questionnaires periodically for a period of 30 years and also followed up. During the period of 3 decades, 30 thousand people from among the participants died.
In the past, conducted surveys showing that drinking java has nothing to do with mortality included people who consumed alcohol and smoked as well. That is why, the results of these surveys failed to comply with what the theories suggested.
But at present, it has been possible to collect positive information from data gathered through studies involving individuals who only consume java on a regular basis. Thus, non-smoking coffee junkies who cannot practically live without having at least 2 cups seem to be doing good to their own health.
According to several experts, having even 3 to 5 cups of the caffeinated beverage every day can hike up the rate of survival. In addition to that, the chances of premature death also get reduced by 15 percent. Although the aforementioned study reveals just a correlation, it also follows what years of research have supported - the health benefits that one reap by drinking coffee regularly , which includes low risks of liver problems, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
Links between diseases like type 2 diabetes & liver cancer and coffee have in fact been investigated and researched in several studies. The outcome of those investigations was quite consistent in revealing perks associated with consumption of java. After closely examining such pieces of data, scientists have also found that caffeine and other components contained in coffee can even decrease chances of neurological problems and the tendency to commit suicide. Elements like lignans, chlorogenic acid, quinides, magnesium and trigonelline, found especially in brewed java, are capable of reducing systemic inflammation and insulin resistance associated with diabetes. They can also probably block fat deposition, liver scarring and even cancer.
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