Why Should Runners Seriously Consider Drinking Coffee Regularly?

According to several researches, coffee is a very effective performance enhancer that can seriously help professional and marathon runners. In fact, about two-thirds of the total number of Olympic athletic sprinters make use of this caffeinated beverage as a legal drug for increasing their stamina. This means that those runners who abstain from consuming coffee are really missing out on something important.

There are a number of ways through which coffee works as a wonderful performance enhancer. Some of them are as follows:
Enhances State Of Mind: There are many people who rely on coffee every morning for preparing themselves mentally to face the day. For sprinters, this beverage gives a boost to mental alertness, enhances mood and increasing the desire of running hard. They generally have a high speed workout to deal with early in the morning and a cup of java helps them in doing so. In other words, running fast becomes easier as well as less tiring, even during long events like marathons. This is because the caffeine contained in the brew boosts endorphin concentration inside the runner’s brain.
Hikes Up Sprint Power & Speed: Coffee can also improve reaction time in addition to enhancing the neuromuscular coordination, that is, how fast the brain sends signal to muscles for relaxing and contracting. This benefit is wonderful for professional 200m sprinters, but has also been proven useful for long distance runners. Better neuromuscular coordination enables muscles in the legs to move faster and thereby giving a boost to the runner’s efficiency.
Increases Fat Utilisation: The most essential perk associated with regular coffee consumption for runners is that the beverage helps the body to conserve glycogen, thereby allowing the insulin to be used as fuel source for running. As per what researchers claim, caffeine increases the fatty acid count in blood stream, thereby improving the body’s ability to convert fat into usable energy. Thus, regular coffee consumption can help one in losing weight , technically speaking.
Makes Running Easier In Hot Weather: According to a recent study that was conducted for observing the effects of coffee consumption on the performance of runners in hot weather, caffeine can help runners to perform 15-23% better than those sprinters who rely upon regular sports beverage or water. Besides that, coffee also lowers the levels of perceived exertion. 
Thus, there are so many benefits that professional runners and sprinters can reap just by having 2-3 cups of espresso coffee everyday. 
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