Everything You Need To Know About Storing Coffee

Normally, an unopened coffee bag lasts for at least 1 year, but the beans usually start losing their flavour once the seal is broken. In fact, experts say that java begins to lose its freshness right after roasting. Therefore, experts suggest consumers to purchase coffee beans as much as needed only for a couple of weeks.

Most people generally store coffee beans inside plastic containers or in the bag itself after buying them from the market. Some even have the habit of leaving the opened bag right on the countertop, so that they don’t have to look for it in a hurry every morning to prepare their daily brew before rushing to work. If you are one of those people who use any of the above mentioned coffee storage methods, your java is bound to taste a little bland.
So what is the most ideal way of storing an opened coffee bag after all? If you ask us, we would suggest that a reasonably dark and cool cupboard should be the perfect place. But when you keep your coffee bag inside that cupboard, do not forget to close it using a bag clip. If you wish to get rid of the bag entirely, pour its contents into an airtight container and then place it inside the cupboard. Such containers can be easily purchased from the supermarket or any retail store.
Have you ever refrigerated or frozen your java beans? If you do so more often, do not blame your coffee for tasting so very different from its original flavour. Freezing or refrigerating the beans would do no good in extending their shelf life. Instead, it can cause them to suffer from freezer burns. Did you know that java is hygroscopic as well? It means that the beans of your favourite caffeinated beverage are capable of absorbing the smells right from their surrounding environment. Now you can well imagine what happens to them if you have been refrigerating them along with your tuna fish cans all this while.
So next time you buy a bag of your beloved coffee beans, do not make the mistake freezing them, emptying them simply in a plastic container or placing the bag on the countertop. Instead, use the above mentioned storage methods.
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