A Few Intriguing Facts About Java

It would be needless to say that coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. The caffeinated drink enjoys respect or reverence like no other. Be it homes, offices or roadside shops, coffee is omnipresent. The industry of java bean export is worth more than $20 billion dollar alone. The beans are produced mainly by the developing countries and consumed in large quantities by the industrialised ones. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts associated with the most loved beverage of Australia and also the world:

2nd Most Sought Good
Did you know that coffee is the most sought commodity in the world after crude oil? Having a worldwide worth of above $100 billion, java is ahead of goods like gold, corn, sugar, brent oil and even natural gas. It really is a priceless drink.
Total Consumption - 500 Billion Cups
Java, indeed, is loved by all, so much that the entire world population consumes more than 500 billion cups of it every single year, according to what statistics have revealed. Out of them, around 14 billion alone are espresso.
Means Of Livelihood
No, we are not talking Starbucks or any other cafe that you get to see in Melbourne. Coffee is a cash crop in 50+ nations, including those in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central America and South America. This means that an estimated 25 million people earn their living by cultivating java beans.
Quickest Growing Business
As per the estimates of extensive surveys, coffee shops have been stated as the quickest growing niche within the realm of restaurant business. Their annual growth rate is beyond 7 percent.
Produced More By Developing Nations
As has been mentioned already, the production of coffee is the highest among developing countries. The nations leading the race of java production at present are Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia. The developed countries consume much more than they produce, with Finland drinking the most per capita (about 9.6 kg, which equals to exactly 2.64 cups per day).
Wasn’t Always This Famous
If you have been assuming that coffee consumption was always this popular, you would be shocked to know that drinking this caffeinated beverage was once punished with death penalty. It was banned in Egypt, Turkey and Cairo.
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