Are you looking for a flexible and cost effective solution to house an automatic coffee machine rental in your work place or organisation in Melbourne? Is cash flow a problem or do you prefer to have the equipment off the balance sheet? Are you a hotel, cafe or restaurant owner who is looking at hire or adding or upgrading your current coffee machines?

Thinking of getting new coffee machine rental Melbourne for your home? Or are you planning on coffee machine rental or hire Melbourne for your office or commercial? Better still, considering a office coffee machine hire online option? Or do you want to know if at any time commercial coffee machines rental Melbourne or machines are made available?

Yes. We all need our daily morning coffee fix, without that we cannot kick start the day even. So whether be it at work or even your Melbourne office, contacting commercial coffee machine solutions for rental or hire machines sounds like a great plan so you can still get a coffee fix whenever you choose and coffee made from the best type of hire even.

And just to let you know, we, ACM, Commercial Coffee Machines (Vic) Pty Ltd, with more than three decades of experience are established suppliers of espresso commercial coffee machine rental and traditional office coffee machine hire Melbourne CBD and we are who you should touch base with.

Check out our Automatic Coffee Machine Rental Services

  • Premium Coffee Machines which deliver the best brew
  • Minimum contract periods
  • No hidden costs
  • Full onsite service
  • Prompt delivery of coffee beans, accessories, cleaning materials and disposables
  • Extended parts and labour warranty
  • Customised solutions

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