Did you know that your automatic coffee machine needs Melbourne coffee machine servicing every 6 months or after making 10,000 cups of coffee?

Just as you would service your vehicle or the office copier, preventative service is the way and coffee machine servicing can help expand the life span of your automatic coffee machine.

Your Melbourne coffee machine servicing can be done onsite or at our workshop.

Are you contemplating a coffee machine repairs or servicing Melbourne option as compared to buying new coffee machines Melbourne? And in this regard, want to speak to coffee machine servicing Melbourne? So you could make the right choice, whether to repair or service a coffee machine.

And we at ACM or Coffee Machines Repair (Vic) Pty Ltd can help answer and to help you out of this dilemma we do lay out a few pointers that will more than answer your doubts and queries.

Our skilled technicians ensure that:

  • All safety features are replaced when required
  • The coffee grinder and brewing unit are thoroughly cleaned
  • The boiler is de-scaled
  • The coffee pouring mechanism is properly set up
  • A full internal inspection is carried out

We service all automatic, domestic and traditional coffee machines and coffee grinders, including Schaerer, Rhea, Bianchi, ECM, Carimali, Conti, Boema and Astoria.  Plus Domestic Brands including, Jura, Saeco, DeLonghi, Rancillio, Rocket, La Vibiemme (VBM) and more.

Don’t let your coffee machine wear out.

Contact us now of fill in the enquiry form and we will be in touch for your coffee machine servicing.