Brewed hot, served cold

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  • Brewed hot, served cold

For the Schaerer Coffee Soul, the Hot & Cold option is available with immediate effect

Brewed hot, served cold. This new innovation from the Schaerer brand opens up a whole new scope of beverage variety. The option allows hot beverages to be cooled, to make refreshing coffee beverages.

The Hot & Cold option means that coffee-based beverages can be dispensed at a temperature of around 35°C – 40°C (depending on the incoming cold water temperature). The coffee is cooled to the desired temperature directly after the brewing process via a counterflow process. Combined with Best Foam quality cold milk and cold milk foam, there is virtually no limit to the variety of beverages that can be created.

Traditional Coffee Machines
The perfect Espresso/Latte as though hand made by a professional Barista in a NEW Dimention. The design gives the Schaerer Barista the feel of a classic portafilter machine.
Italian flair : it hisses and knocks like with a barista.
Consistent espresso quality thanks to automated processes (coffee quantity, grinding, tamping).
Integrated grinders grind the coffee directly into the portafilter.
Fully automatic or manual milk frothing.
Quick and easy preparation,
even by untrained personnel.

  • Compatibility

This option is compatible with all available options except with external fresh water and waste water tanks. Reason: for cooled beverages, whether milk or coffee, cold water is required to condition the system. Cold water from external tanks is microbiologically critical and the capacity of the waste water tank is heavily restricted by additional rinsing processes.

  • Price

Master price in CHF  Hot & Cold option 930 CHF

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