Schaerer Coffee Prime

Price $10,405.00


The first choice for connoisseurs and accountants

  • Gourmet beverages at the press of a button
  • Perfect for self-service
  • Cost saving and environmentally friendly to operate
  • Minimal cleaning and maintenance
  • Successively expandable
  • More power with the Powerpack

Ideal for offices, cafés, universities, hospitals, sports centres, cultural events, workshops, filling stations, car dealerships

Schaerer Coffee Prime spares your wallet and the environment

  • Compact environmentally friendly disposable concept for the milk system. Components in contact with milk are simply exchanged, eliminating the need for chemical cleaning products
  • Minimised power consumption due to compact machine components
  • Fully insulated boiler with power-saving heating technology
  • Power consumption of less than 0.5 watt in standby mode
    • No cleaning required for the milk system NcFoamer (Non cleaning Foamer)
    • Automatic coffee system cleaning programme backed by animations
    • Side cooling unit with hygienic standards compliant with the HACCP analysis process

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